Johnny Andrew Gigliotti Bailik was born in the same steel town as the late Andy Warhol; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He studied privately at the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts and then attended the Nationally Accredited Bliss Hall School of Fine and Performing Arts.

Bailik organized with other fellow art students an Anti-Censorship exhibition which featured a lecture by Andres Serrano, most known for his photograph entitled “Piss Christ”, as well as a speech by Dennis Barrie, who was the director of the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati during the infamous Robert Mapplethorpe obscenity trial. Bailik also helped to organize a regionally legendary show entitled “Spectacle”, a multi-media, collaborative, outdoor performance that contained everything from static art to interactive sculpture to extravagant performance art.

Bailik’s travels and life as an artist has also made it possible for him to meet such artists as Paul Jenkins, Dennis Oppenheim, Julian Schnabel, Ed Moses, Mark DiSuvero, Dennis Hopper, and Robert Rauschenberg to name a few, as well as to work with artists of varying degrees and aesthetics.

Bailik’s work is been primarily painting, but has also included sculpture, video, and installations. It has been displayed internationally in contemporary and modern museums, commercial galleries, and private collections. He has also won awards and grants in multi-media, video installation, and painting. Bailik moved to Los Angeles, California in 2000. He states, “I have been profoundly affected by the ‘City of Angels’. The energy, spirituality, diversity, the eclecticism of the culture and the land has altered my work dramatically. It is a beautiful time and place to explore.” Johnny Bailik continues to live and work in his Los Angeles, CA studio.


J. Miletta Award in Painting
Stephen Stackhouse Memorial Award in Art
Butler Institute of American Art Award
Florence Simon Beecher Art Grant
Bliss Hall Fine Art Scholarship
John Mitchell Award in Design


BFA (Painting), Bliss Hall, Youngstown, OH.
Hoyt Institute of Fine Art, Pittsburgh, PA.


Ace Institute of Contemporary Art, Installations Preparator, Los Angeles, CA.
godfuel studios, Creative Director, Venice, CA.
Gallery Preparator, Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH.
Installations Coordinator, McDonough Museum of Art, Youngstown, OH.
“The Art Association” Officer, Cleveland, OH.


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“Deze Week in Brussel” weekly newspaper
“The Art of Digital Imaging: Principles & Processes” by Jon Krasner
“Pig Iron Press” publication featuring an article on Bailik’s work, which also covered work by Andres Serrano


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